Placing Students Prior to the Beginning of the Year

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Before the the first day of CWSP, you will need to create many employments inside of Salesforce. To do so, make sure you have already created all or most of your Job records by watching this video. If you just need to create one or two new employments as a result of mid-year terminations or reassignments, see this help doc instead.

You must update your student grade levels prior to creating employments. See this help doc for more information.

Adding Student Employments

    1. Navigate to the CWSP Setup app using the app picker.

    2. Select the Jobs tab.

    3. If the list view looks like a grid when you open the jobs tab (without a side panel on the left), change the list view display to Split View using the table icon to the top right corner.

    4. Open up the list of available views (if you have not pinned a particular Job view in the past, you will see "Recently Viewed"). Review the list of available Job views, including:

a. "Placements: All Jobs 22-23" - all jobs, regardless of number of employments

b. "Placements: Full Jobs 22-23" - all jobs at full capacity (the number of employments matches the number of expected students).

c. "Placements: Jobs Over-Staffed 22-23" - all jobs with more students placed than expected in the "# of Students" field.

d. "Placements: Jobs with Open Slots 22-23" - all jobs with 1 or more open slots.

If these views return 0 results, you might not have any jobs yet. Please refer to this video to learn how to create jobs.

    5. To place students, select the Placements: Jobs with Open Slots 22-23 view. If you don't see any jobs, either all of your jobs are full or you have not created enough jobs (see note above).

    6. Locate the account where you wish to place students by either scrolling or typing the name into the list view search box.

    7. Scroll to the bottom of the job record and review the students currently placed (if any). Select Add Student Employment(s) to add a student to this job.

a. Find the student by typing their name into "Search Contacts". You can type their first or last name, and if a result does not appear immediately, click "Show all Results for "[name]". It is highly unlikely that a student's record is not already in the system, so please check multiple spellings to locate the correct student.

b. Select the student's workday.

c. Select the student's primary supervisor and, optionally, an alternate supervisor (you can add another alternate later on). If the job record has default supervisor information filled out, these fields will prepopulate, although you can click the X and select another contact. You can find a supervisor record by searching for either the account name or the contact name. If your contact is not yet in the system, see this article on adding a CWSP contact.

d. If needed, adjust the employment start and end dates.

e. Click Next.

    8. To place another student at the same partner, check "Create Another Employment" and click Next. Repeat steps 7a-7e.

Possible Errors

If you receive an error message upon clicking Next, verify the following information:

  • Make sure the selected supervisor(s) have an email address.
  • Make sure the end date is after the start date.
  • If the student is already placed at a different job, a screen will appear showing the student's other placement. You can either click Previous to return to the former screen or switch the "Create Additional Employment" toggle to "yes" and click Next, which allows you to place the student at multiple partners (this is generally quite rare, so please ensure the student does have two legitimate placements before proceeding).

Removing Employments

To remove students from a job:

1. Find the job record in the list view (or navigate to it using the Global Search Bar).

2. Select the students you would like to remove from the job and click Remove Student Employments.

This function is only intended to be used during the placement process, before students have begun working. If a student has already worked at a partner and is reassigned, please see this help doc on ending an employment.

Managing Employment Information

To manage employment information in detail, click on the employment directly from the job screen or search for it in the Global Search Bar. You can update supervisor, timeframe, and outcome information directly from the employment record. For more information, see the following help docs:

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