[Onboarding Requirements] Managing Student Requirements

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Once student requirement rules have been assigned to accounts (help doc here), adding students to employments at those accounts will automatically generate student requirements. The requirements can be reviewed and updated in a number of places. For a short video that walks through the following steps, click here.

By Student

Student requirements are primarily tied to student records. You can update a student's onboarding requirements by navigating directly to their record page. To switch between student records quickly, you can use list views.

    1. Navigate to the CWSP Setup app by using the app picker in the top left corner.


    2. Click on the Contacts tab.

    3. Use the list view drop down to select "All Current Students" or your own custom student list view.

    4. Select the table icon to the top left of the list view and choose Split View.

If you'd like the "All Current Students" list view to appear by default when you  click on the Contacts tab, click the pin icon next to the list view name.

5. Select a student whose onboarding requirements you would like to update. You can either scroll to the student's name or type their last name into the list view search bar.

6. Under the Student Requirements tab, update the status of any or all of the student's onboarding requirements:

a. Use the toggle to quickly switch between an incomplete status and "Complete".

b. Use the arrow to the left of a requirement to add additional information about the requirement, including the due date, the date completed, notes, status, and files.

7. Once all requirements have been completed, the circle to the left of the student's name will  show a checkmark, indicating the student is ready for deployment.

By Job

Students working at a multi-student job might complete certain requirements together or around the same time. You can update their requirements quickly by navigating to the job record.

1. Locate the job record by either searching in the Global Search bar, using a Jobs list, or by clicking the Jobs tab on the account page.

2. Within the job record, click on the Student Requirements tab. The student requirements might take a few seconds to load.

3. Follow steps 6-7 above to update the student requirements.

In a List View

Manage all student requirements using a variety of filtered list views.

1. Navigate to the CWSP Setup app (see step 1 under By Student).

2. Click the Student Requirements tab.

3. Select "Recently Viewed" (or whichever list view you previously pinned) and scroll through the available list views:

a. "All": All student requirements that have ever been created.

b. "All Open and Complete": all student requirements except those with a "Cancelled" status.

c. "All Requirements - Kanban": using this list view in the Kanban format allows you to drag requirements between statuses.

d.  "Completed": all completed requirements.

e. "In Progress": all requirements that have the "In Progress" status.

f "Not Started": non-cancelled requirements that have not yet been started.

g. "Open (Not Started & In Progress)": non-cancelled requirements that have not yet been completed.

    4. To mass update requirements in any list view (besides "All Requirements - Kanban", which uses the Kanban method):

a. Select the checkboxes of records you are hoping to update.

b. Hover over a cell whose value you'd like to update for the selected records and click the pencil icon.

c. Choose the new value, click "Update X selected items", and click Apply. This will apply the selected value to all checked records.

d. Click Save.

    5. Any changes you make to requirements (status, due date, date completed, etc.) using list views will appear on the student and job records as well.

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