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What is the Cross-Sell Database?

The Cross-Sell Database resides in our CWSP Sales application. It lists all of the 2,000+ companies in which a Cristo Rey school has partnered with. Information is updated on an hourly basis. Moreover, it utilizes Dun & Bradstreet, a clearing house for corporate infromation. The Cross-Sell Database uses Dun & Bradstreet to bring information like a company's location, size, coporate hierarchy, related partners, and more into Salesforce. It provides real-time data based on your input within the Job record. This help doc is a walkthrough of the Cross-Sell Database. 

This video tutorial will walk you through using the cross sell database. It mirrors the info detailed below.

Accessing the Cross-Sell Database

To access the Cross-Sell Database, follow these instructions:

1. Login to Salesforce

2. Launch the CWSP Sales application in the App Picker


3. Go to Accounts

4. Click on the dropdown menu to change the current view

5. Select Cross-Sell Companies


This view shows the companies that have a partnership with a Cristo Rey school for this year. You can sort by clicking on the appropriate column. 

If you want to find a specific company, feel to use the search bar.

If the company is NOT showing up, this is because there is a limit of 2,000 records from being shown on the Cross-Sell Companies list view. See here for an easy fix.

Navigating a Cross-Sell Record

Once you clicked on a partner record in the Cross-Sell Database view, you will see a similar page like the images below. This page includes a lot of information for the partner selected but here are some key fields to look for. 

On the top, we see:

  • Cross-Sell - Schools with Partnership:  Number of schools that currently have students employed for that company

  • Cross-Sell - Total Student: Number of students currently employed for that company

NAICS - Stands for North American Industry Classification System. This is used to provide common definitions of a business' industrial structure.

  • NAICS Industry Sector - The top-level industry category for the current company

  • NAICS Industry Sub Sector - The sub-level industry category for the currenty company

Here's an example:

Below this is the 2022-2023 School Partnerships section. This lists all the Cristo Rey schools that have partnered with the company for this school year, listing the school name and other relevant information such as:

  • Student Count - Number of students currently employed for the Cristo Rey school. 

  • School Funding Model - Type of funding model. Click here to learn more about the funding models.

  • School Job Location - Location of the current job (e.g. Onsite, Remote, Hybrid)

  • School Partner Name - The name of the partner according to the school; the local name (vs the national name) of the partner. 

  • D&B School Partner Name - The name of the partner (at the school level) according to Dun and Bradstreet. 

Here's an example:

If you see an error for your school, modifications can be easily made in the Job record. Click here to learn on how to do so. 

Below this is the Yearly Totals section. This section informs you about the historical changes (# of students employed & # of schools working with the partner) for the current company based on the School Year.  

Here's an example:

We are currently working on bringing the historical changes for the prior year!

Finally, the information below comes directly from Dun & Bradstreet. This is additional information, including the company's contact information, website, what the company does, its top and sub-level NAICS Code, number of current employees for the primary and subsidary locations, and more! 

Feel free to look at this information and the field descriptors if you are wondering what these values are.

Here's an example:

What is a NAICS Code? It's a six digit code that categorizes a business based on their industry. For instance, 522110 signifies Commericial Banking. A sub category code can be applied numerous times. Find more info here.

Finding a Company that was Unfound in the List View Search Bar 

If the company is NOT showing up, this is because there is a limit of 2,000 records from being shown on the Cross-Sell Companies list view. To fix this issue, use the Global Search Bar. See below on how to do so.

1. Navigate to the Global Search Bar


2. Enter the company's name

3. Look for the company's name with the (Cross-Sell) title prepended to it it.

Make sure you are not looking at a regular Account record but instead a Cross-Sell record, as mentioned above!


Accessing Cross-Sell Reports

You can access several different reports related to Cross-Sell companies. Here's how to do so.

1. Go to Reports

2. Under Folders, click on All Folders

3. Go to CWSP Sales Reports

4. Click on Cross-Sell Reports


There are numerous reports here so feel free to look at what each report offers.

These reports intentionally filter out jobs without students, professional development, and those that were cancelled. 

If you export a report, note that any updates to a Cross-Sell company will NOT go through. Our Cross-Sell Database updates each hour within Salesforce.

Accessing the Cross-Sell Dashboard

You can access a dashboard of all the Cross-Sell companies. Here's how to access that dashboard.

1. Go to Dashboards

2. Under Folders, click on All Folders

3. Go to CWSP Sales Dashboards

4. Click on Cross-Sell Database Dashboard 2022-23


You will then see a similar page like below, which shows aggregate information like Top 10 Indsutries, Top Mult-City Employers, Total Partners, and more! Due note that you need to manually refresh by clicking on the Refresh button to get the hourly updates to the Cross-Sell Database.

Fixing your School's Cross-Sell Data

If you notice there is incorrect data such as Student Count or Student Job Location on the Cross-Sell partner record page (the 2022-2023 School Partnerships section for your school), this can be fixed by navigating to the Job record of that partner. Here's how to do so.

Any changes made to the Student Count and the Location: Onsite / Remote fields in the Job record will reflect back to the Cross-Sell Database within an hour.

1. Navigate to the Job record

2. Edit the # of Students or Location: Onsite / Remote field by clicking on the pencil icon. 


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