Excluding Surveys from Sending

Created by Charlotte Niedzielski, Modified on Thu, 21 Dec 2023 at 03:05 PM by Josh Mentzer

While we aim for 100% survey submission, there are some scenarios in which students should not or do not have to be evaluated through the survey:

  • Students receiving professional development through CWSP
  • Students who just started a new employment and whose supervisors may not have enough experience with their work to complete the survey

Marking a Job as "Professional Development"

1. Navigate to the professional development job record(s).

2. Click the pencil next to Professional Development and check the box.

    3. Click Save.

Excluding SAPRs That Don't Require Responses 

If a student workers begins a new job during the survey period and the new supervisor should not receive their survey, close the survey after generation but before sending. Alternatively, if an SAPR was generated in error and does not need to be completed, you can also use this method to exclude it from your total needed for completion.

1. After generating surveys, navigate to the survey you would like to close.

2. Click the pencil icon next to Survey Open Status and select "Excluded".

    3. Click Save.

Surveys marked as "Excluded" will not be sent to the assessment recipients when sending from the Survey Manager.

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